Visual Game Project Proposal-Beat Factory

For our visual gaming final project, our team which consists of I and Adam Fadhil are going to create a game that is targeted for individuals who are diagnosed with ADHD.

  • Game Title

Beat Factory

  • Introduction

Beat Factory is a rhythm game that uses both visual and audio cues to play. It consists of 3 levels of differing difficulty.

  • Game Genre

Rhythm game.

  • Game Objective

The game requires the player to match player input to the sound cues and visual cues given by the game. The game is won if the player reach the minimal score for each level.

  • Theme

The theme of the game will be industrial factory where we play as a worker in an assembly line of a robot.

  • Core Mechanic

Beat Matching or Audio Matching
The main screen of the game will feature a treadmill of an assembly line the player is responsible for. As the treadmill runs there will be a robot foot on the line that will approach 4 targets. Each of the targets correspond to a certain key which is used to finish the robot. The keys each key will provide the robot with its legs, body, and head. The final key is to power up the robot that requires the player to hold the button. The player will score points for each robot successfully assembled. Later stages will mix up the robot assembly process by providing a robot with only a missing head or body.

  • Mock Screen Shots


  • Target Market

People from age 8 and up.
People who can appreciate simple visual design.

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